We seek to grow the kingdom of God in other places by partnerships with our Gospel Partners.




George & Carmel Ferguson – Bush Church Aid (BCA)

Walgett & Collarenebri


George and Carmel Ferguson became our gospel partners in 2020, when George became Curate-in-Charge of the Walgett and Collarenebri parish.

George & Carmel became BCA Field Staff in January 2018. George completed a two year Aboriginal Ministry Traineeship base at St Peter’s South Tamworth where he focused on the Coledale Front Yard Fellowship, a mid-week church service connected with St Peter’s. He also studied a Diploma of Bible Theology online with Moore College.


More info: Walgett profile





James Kinghorn – Pioneers



James has been a member of St James since 1995. James began serving among the Isaan, the people of the northeast region in Thailand, in 2013. He works in a Pioneers Team with a vision to see churches planted in a place where there are none. Within this vision, James’ passion and ministry is primarily among local children and youth, that they would be mentored and discipled into a saving relationship with Jesus.


More info: pioneers.org.au

Contact: jameskinghorn76@gmail.com


IJM tile

International Justice Mission


“Every day, countless people are sold into slavery, as slave owners make a profit off their misery. IJM is a global organisation with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere.” (IJM website)


We began our official partnership with IJM in 2020, although our young people in Elevate have supported IJM for a number of years.

IJM works to rescue people from forced-labour slavery, sex-trafficking and cybersex-trafficking of children. It also works to restore with aftercare programs, to help local authorities to bring criminals to justice, and to help justice systems support the vulnerable.


More Info: ijm.org.au




Church Missionary Society


CMS is a fellowship of Christian people and churches committed to global mission. It works with churches to set apart long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have partnered with CMS for many years and support a long-term worker overseas.


More Info: cms.org.au





Fiona Newcombe – Special Religious Education (SRE)
Turramurra High School


Fiona is a part-time SRE teacher at Turramurra High where she supports students and staff and reaches out with the good news of the gospel. Fiona has worked as an SRE teacher in high schools for the last two years. Fiona’s work is overseen by the Turramurra Christian Education Association (TCEA).



Heather-Rose Newcombe – SRE

Turramurra High School


Heather-Rose (no relation of Fiona’s!) is working part-time SRE teacher at Turramurra High with TCEA, having previously worked for Crusaders. She is also studying secondary education full-time.




Stephen Gorringe – SRE

Ku-ring-gai High School


Stephen ministers to staff and students full-time at Ku-ring-gai High. He provides encouragement and support to students and staff as he shares the good news of the gospel. His work is overseen by the Ku-ring-gai Christian Education Association (KCEA).