Term 4 | 2020



This term, our teaching series will explore the letter of 1 Peter and our “Living hope”.


We recommend reading the overview before you start the first study.


Bible study notes

1 Peter | Overview

Study 1 | A living hope (1:1-12)

Study 2 | A living holiness (1:13-2:3)

Study 3 | A living stone (2:4-10)

Coming soon…

Study 4 | A living example (2:11-3:7)

Study 5 | A living blessing (3:8-22)

Study 6 | A living servant (4:1-19)

Bonus study  | A living servant (5:1-11)

Sermon transcripts

A living hope (1 Peter 1:1-12) with David Smith | 18 October 2020

A living holiness (1:13-2:3with David Smith | 25 October 2020 

A living stone (1 Peter 2:4-10) with Dan Allan | 1 November 2020




Spring break | 2020

For the first two Sundays in October, we pondered the topic “Lost & found” in Luke’s Gospel.



Sermon transcripts

Lost (Luke 15:1-32) with Luke Woodhouse | 4 October 2020

Found (Luke 19:1-10) with David Smith | 11 October 2020




Term 3 | 2020



In Term 3, we continued the epic story of Genesis which we began last year, exploring God’s gracious initiative in the life and times of Abraham.


We recommend reading the Introductory overview before you start the first study.


Bible study notes

Introductory overview of Genesis 12-25

Study 1 | God’s call (Ch 12)

Study 2 | Kings & nations (Ch 13)

Study 3 | God’s promise (Ch 15)

Study 4 | Sarai’s solution (Ch 16)

Study 5 | People of the promise (Ch 17)

Study 6 | Judgement & mercy (Ch 18-19)

Study 7 | Faltering faith (Ch 20)

Study 8 | God’s Provision (Ch 21)

Study 9 | Obedient faith (Ch 22)

Study 10 | God’s kindness (Ch 24)

Study 11 | Still longing (Ch 23, 25:1-11)


Sermon transcripts

Still longing (Ch 23& 25) with David Smith | 27 September 2020

Obedient faith (Ch 22) with David Smith | 13 September 2020

Faltering faith (Ch 20) with David Smith | 30 August 2020

Judgement & mercy (Ch 18-19) with Ed Hungerford | 23 Aug 2020

The people of the promise (Ch 17) with David Smith | 16 August 2020

Sarai’s solution (Ch 16) with Ed Hungerford | 9 August 2020

God’s promise (Ch 15) with David Smith | 2 August 2020

Kings and nations (Gen 13) with Ed Hungerford | 26 July 2020

God’s call (Gen 12) with David Smith | 19 July 2020




Bible study notes

Study 1 | Understanding power (Psalm 2) 

Study 2 | Understanding our place (Psalm 8)

Study 3 | Understanding our path (Psalm 23)

Study 4 | Understanding our planet (Psalm 46)

Study 5 | Understanding our provider (Psalm 139)


Sermon transcripts

Understanding our provider (Psalm 139) with Matt Davies | 12 July

Understanding our planet (Psalm 46) with David Smith | 5 July

Understanding our path (Psalm 23) with Ed Hungerford | 28 June 

Understanding our place (Psalm 8) with Matt Davies | 21 June

Understanding power (Psalm 2) with Luke Woodhouse | 14 June





We follow the same teaching series in each of our online services. We have three streams online, recognising the differing needs of our church family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This stream is a contemporary service crafted for families. It begins with ALIVE TV at 8.45AM and Church Online begins at 9AM. Resources for children are included – ALIVE in the Big Tent and ALIVE in the Little Tent.

This stream broadly follows liturgy from An Australian Prayer Book, for those who prefer a traditional service.

This is another contemporary service in the evening, with our youth and young adults in mind.


Small Groups

Midweek Bible studies are the lifeblood of our church, allowing time to explore the Bible and for mutual support and fellowship.


Many of our Bible study groups are still meeting via video conference during the period of “social distancing” restrictions.


If you’re already in a Bible study group, contact your group leader for more information. They will let you know if your group is meeting by video conference, and help you navigate the transition.


Not in a Bible study group? Email and let us know, and we’ll allocate you to a suitable group.


The video conferencing program many groups are using is called Zoom. This software is easy to use and poses no security risks. See the link below for a helpful guide on making a Zoom account and installing the program on your device.



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Elevate | Youth

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