We believe that Jesus is the hope of the world. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we can have forgiveness from sin if we repent and believe in Him. This is good news! 


Accordingly, everything we do here at St James is geared towards sharing and proclaiming this news to all who will listen. As we proclaim Christ to the world we also seek to be like Christ in the world. We are a body that Christ has assembled and given differing gifts so that we can work together to serve him and one another (1 Cor 12).


St James is an evangelical Anglican church. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and so the focus of our time together is on listening to God’s word and seeking to put it into practice in our daily lives.




Rev. David Smith


Rev. Robert Jones

Senior Assistant Minister

Rev. Ed Hungerford

9am Pastor

Rev. Dan Allan

SNC Pastor & Interim Youth Minister

Kym Abbott

Children's Minister

Rev. Matt Davies

Warrawee Minister

Rev. Luke Woodhouse

Bobbin Head Minister

Sarah Legge

BHAC Children's Minister

Andrew Davidson


Canon John Butler

10am Wed Communion

Rev. Dr Peter Harnwell

Honorary Deacon

One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. Psalm 145:5



St James founded in 1899 under the leadership of Rev. Raymond King on the present site between King St and St James Lane.


Rev. Ronald Cameron is Rector from 1911-1949. His service is recognised with the naming of Cameron Park in his honour.


St Philips Anglican church planted in 1957 as repeat of the initiative that planted St James. St James Whalan established with the help of St James Turramura in 1967.


Bobbin Head Anglican Church Planted in 2005 with St Swithun's Pymble. Church in The Chapel initiated in 2008.


Warrawee Anglican Church established in partnership with St Philip's South Turramurra.


We stand on the "shoulders of giants" as we press into the next steps for us as a church...


St James exists to grow disciple making disciples of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God. We have established the St James Education Centre to help further our teaching goals. The Education Centre encompasses the northern section of the site at Turramurra, as shown in the diagram below. The education centre includes 8 classroom spaces, two large meeting halls, 5 staff offices, and an outdoor play-ground.


We offer a wide range of educational programmes to instruct people in the Christian faith. Other education providers also use our facilities for education purposes. Enrolment for church-run programs can be made on-site during the program. Enrolments for external providers should be made with those providers directly.