SNC is now online!


Zoom is a great online conferencing tool which can be used to enhance and emphasise community connection. But this won’t be like your uni tutorial, work conference call or small group discussion! We’ll be gathering online to hear from God’s Word and encourage one another. There’ll be songs, prayers and breakout chats – all for you to engage with as you feel comfortable.


We’ll be online from 5:30pm to catch up with one another and meet new friend. The service begins at 6pm.


We want our online church gatherings to be as safe and welcoming as possible for all. For that reason, we’re asking all our participants to agree to the following statement:

  • I will be appropriately dressed
  • I will not take any screenshots during the course of the online church experience
  • I will join the meeting using my real name

When you join us your video will be off and your audio will be muted by default, so you’ll have the freedom to decide whether you’ll be seen or not by others. For security and accountability reasons, our online church gatherings will be recorded and stored securely.



Meeting ID: 425-789-987


Looking forward to seeing you online!