Spiritual Gifts

God has given 'spiritual gifts' to every Christian, so that we can serve one another in love.  We have different gifts, and it is vital that we each use of different gifts so that the body of Christ as a whole is build up.  Click this link to find out more about the diversity of gifts that God has given to us.


Spiritual gifts can be grouped into six categories.


Click here to see the reasons why we should use our spiritual gifts to serve.


There are many ways in which you can use your gifts to serve at St James. 
Follow this link to see all the ministies at church

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As we use our spiritual gifts, we need to remember that gifts are given to be exercised in love.  God hasn't give us gifts so that we can impress others or feel good about ourselves.  He has given us gifts so that we can build others up and serve them in love


Although spiritual gifts are given by God, they are also abilities that need to be nurtured and developed.  Follow this link for some biblical advice on putting your gifts into practice.