St James Global Mission

We seek to grow the kingdom of God in other places by partnerships with our link missionaries.


Karen Darda

Location: Japan          Email:

Karen has ministered in Japan with CMS, initially in Student work, later in Oyumino ( Chobe) and now in the church plant at Migumi Church in Shin Urayasu, Kanto,  East of Tokyo.  She has focused on ministry to women, mothers and babies, those locally whom she seeks to reach by Bible Studies and cooking sessions. Lately she has widened the latter to reach teenage girls. The church is in the apartment complex in which she lives.


If you would like to receive Karen Darda's monthly prayer points and news please send an e-mail to Karen Darda's Prayer Support including your name and e-mail address. 

Rev. Capt Rod and Christene Oldfield

Location: Cloncurry          Email:



The Oldfields have served with BCA in Cooper Pedy, Norfolk and King Islands and since 2015 have worked in Cloncurry which had no minister for a period of years. Their 'parish' is enormous and they have had great success serving their local folk and reaching others by going on safari regularly, North to the Gulf and East along the Savannah Way.


Rod is a carpenter who trained as an evangelist with Church Army and was ordained in Coober Pedy. 


Ben and Beth

Location: East Asia          Email: contact via the Church Office


After ministering to the youth and young adults at St James for 8 years, Ben and Beth became missionaries with Pioneers to serve in South East Asia. They have two children, Adah and Samual. Ben is studyhing for a Doctoral degree from a US University. They serve with Pioneers which has appointed them Regional Coordinators in their region. 


Direct contact with them should not be attempted before consulting a member of the st James Mission Committee. Their news and prayer points appear in Barnabas Notes.


Pioneers Mission Statement: Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God amongst unreached people by initiating church planting movements in partnership with local churches.


For more information go the the pioneers website( ) or contact the church office to keep in regular contact with Ben & Beth


Peter & Nice Armati

Location: Mirassol, Brazil           Email:


Peter and Nice were a retired couple worshipping at St James. They were called to go to Brazil and evangelise. Nice was fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English and Peter has needed to become proficient in Portugese. They have served there since shortly after their commissioning by Bishop Michael Stead in later August 2010.


Mirassol, where they are based, is a small city (55,000 people) in the north-western part of São Paulo state, about 455km from São Paulo. Rio Preto is a larger city nearby (420,000 people), 20 minutes drive from Mirassol.


In their area of Brazil they found that the gospel was clouded by syncretism or pentecostal prosperity theology. So far, they have not found any church in either Mirassol or Rio Preto which teaches faithfully from God's Word.


Over the years, many people have come to Nice and Peter by God; people seeking the truth. Those who have been willing to commit to study God's Word have been led into the truth, and have come to understand God's love for them. Some of them have given their lives to God. One of the first converts now leads a small group studying the bible each week. Nice uses every tool available to her to share the good news of the gospel - Skype, personal visits weekly or fortnightly, WhatsApp etc. 


Once a month they hold a worship service in Missarol. Nice has translated many sermons given by Michael Stead and Rob Jones, and a few from BHAC and the internet. The service usually lasts a bit over an hour and usually about 8-10 people attend. 


A wonderful new opening for their work started in January 2013. They were given permission to lead people in bible study who are being treated for various cancers in Rio Preto. They meet weekly at the respite home where these people live with their support person (usually a family member) for the duration of their treatment. The patients come from far and wide, some of them over 1,500kms distance. All of them are poor and many of them are illiterate. They are given at least one bible to read and take home. In this way Peter and Nice have distributed perhaps 1,000 bibles. On average about 10-12 people come each week. But it has not been uncommon for over 20 people to come. 


Peter and Nice are not sent by a mission organisation, and St James is largely responsible for their support and pastoral oversight. 


Find out more - visit their website at


Would you would like to receive Peter and Nice's occasional prayer points and news? Then please send an e-mail to Peter and Nice's Prayer Support including your name and e-mail address.

James Kinghorn

Location: Thailand         Email:


James was the childrens' minister at St James and was called to seek endorsement with Pioneers and go to Thailand as part of the team led by the Malones. After working in Bankok slums, the team was led to go to the area of Isaan from which most of their contact had originated. It is the North-Easternmost region in the kingdom and is also the poorest and driest. It has about the same population of Australia. The team commenced in Ubon Ratchanthani, and in mid 2016 James moved into a local village Baan Pladuk.


His vision is to reach and work with children and see them learn about the God who loves and cares and to help them become believers and good citizens.




Of these 5 linked missionaries, 3 have been committed to full time mission after life and work in St James. We thank God for this commitment and our members' willingness to support, care for and pray for them. If anyone is interested in full time mission there is a publication, "Considering Mission" produced and available through SNC or on demand.