Christians and the Enviroment

As part of our sermon series on the book of Genesis, we looked at what the Bible says about Christians, Ecology and the Environment.


Here are links to recordings of the sermon.

    9am version:

    SNC version:


Here are some practical steps you can take in response to this.


1. Learn more about the effect of carbon emission and evaluate your impact on the environment

   * Visit the EnergyAustralia website -

   and use theCarbon calculator on the wesbite, or print off the attached Carbon Emissions Calculator to estimate your impact.


  * See the Green Home Guide



2. Read this article about ways to reduce your carbon footprint  


Reducing your carbon footprint



3. Read these other papers from our Social Issues Executive to become better informed about the issues

    Environment: a Christian response 

    a brochure from the diocesan Social Issues Executive[SIE]



Christian Ministry in a Changing Climate

    a SIE report to Synod about global warming


Environment-related reports from the SIE

     (other reports from the diocesan Social Issues Executive)





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