St James seeks to be an inclusive church, where all are welcome and all are able to participate.

Wheelchair ramps

There are two wheelchair accessible ramps - one providing access to the main Church building, and one providing access to the War Memorial Hall.

Disabled toilets

There are wheelchair-accessible toilets in the foyer of the main Church building.

Audio loops

The main Church building and the War Memorial Hall are both fitted with audio loops, which can be accessed using the “T” (telecoil) setting on your hearing device. The audio loop covers the first 6 rows on the pulpit side of the church, and the entirety of the War Memorial Hall.

Large-print orders of service

Large-print orders of service for our traditional services are available on request. Please contact the church office to request copies.

Communion Distribution

For those who are not able to come forward to receive communion, we are very happy to serve you communion in your seats. If you would like to be served in your seat, please indicate this to the duty warden (who can usually be found standing at the rear of the church near the old font) prior to the service.

Disabled / Restricted Mobility Parking

We allocate a number of parking bays for those with restricted mobility. Blue Zone parking (on the church driveway) is reserved for those whose disability requires them to park adjacent to the church. Yellow Zone parking (in the parking bays on King Street) is for those with restricted mobility. These bays are allocated using parking permits issued annually by the wardens. To apply for a blue or yellow permit, please contact the church office.